Thursday, April 23, 2009

As Slick as a Poll Cat

Polls indicate the American people are still in approval of the job the Obama team is doing as his honeymoon period comes to an end and the landscape is surveyed. I always wonder who gets polled because its never me and the questions asked always seem to be so ambiguous. I wonder if the respondents really think of how their answer will end up being manipulated to fit the template of the storyline, or do they fire off gut reactions and whimsy.
Take the loaded question, "are we on the right track?" Well, that depends. GM is now Government Motors, the Banking systems back door has been kicked in and Geithner and Co. seem to be wresting control from the banks, and won't even let them repay the money they were coerced into taking. Our enemies around the world see that our elected leader doesn't like this country a whole lot more than they do. How else could President Obama travel around the world and apologize for our past as if none of these other countries has/had any regrets about their own brutish behaviour in their struggles to survive as a nation? It is one thing to confess and repent to an equal or better, but quite something else to be sorry when you have done more good than bad and less bad than anyone else. Obamas selective recall of US history to me is a telling sign we are "not on the right track". Being sorry about the past won't change the future.
The polling also had questions of administration ethics and handling of the economy, two subjects that average uninformed Americans who rely on the evening news have no way of knowing how the the polling is related to past administrations poll numbers. Except for the rarely challenged notion that somehow the Democrat Party is more ethical ? And he new administration can better run the economy?

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