Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Its really still just a Campaign

President Barack Obama seems to be campaigning perpetually. His overseas tour consisted of bashing his country and bowing to Islamists. I believe he may very well be campaigning to these other countries and religions to try to get unanimity for his global vision. A world that is united in purpose could be a good thing if it's purposes were only good.
But Obama himself said that dealing with international interests was like working in the US senate, only Barack only did one half of his first term there so I don't really think he had much of a grasp for how that body really works either. He didnt have enough time in the Senate to figure his butt from a hole in the ground, pardon my Austrian. And now the New York times is running polls that show that we appreciate and endorse our 'Dear Leader' and his flaccid foreign policies. Obama ought to have US ripe for a takeover by the time he is done with his first (and hopefully only)term.
My qualm is that the judgement that our country has warranted cannot be assuaged, even with this current bout of executive immolation. We don't need any approval from Europe or the Middle East anyway, they have as much fault as anybody on this Earth for the sorry state of affairs. This is but a part of our payment due for all the ways we have backslidden as a nation, a country once blessed and inspired by God. We turned away from the Lord and he is letting US see how it will be without Him to guide US back into His good graces. And I am not just talking about the last 8 years, I am talking about the last 40 some years. And 40 years to God means something, that is the time of trial and the time of measuring the hearts and minds of His people. The time of and for penance and penitence.
We have been judged, now we must accept our correction, and learn.

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