Monday, March 30, 2009

Yes We Can, No We Can't, ....hmmm, Maybe?

This Country is in trouble and nobody seems equipped to do anything about it. We are so upside down it is scary. We elected a newbie Pol. to lead US in toubling times, we have the very skimmers and scammers that set up our financial mess in charge of 'fixing' it and inconsequential things like sports and celebrities seem to be at the top of most peoples interest. I know it is nice to take a break from real world stuff like North Korea developing rocket science, Pakistan in constant chaos the daily gyrations of the world economy etc. Maybe we ought to have an Earth week where everybody takes a vacation and turns off their electricity for a week and all the world problems will magically be solved.

Our world is in the balance and the return to normalcy may not be as easy as some would think. I am not sure many in the world care if we elected our messiah or that they just sense we are now weaker. As long as our militay is the worlds enforcer we cannot appropriate that money like the Europeans into more social utopian progress. Wouldn't it be great if we could? Alas that is one part of the budget Barack feels very comfortable cutting.

April Fools:

Barack Obama is going over to the G20 summit to lecture them about economics. Wow, I know this guy is 'brilliant', but really... Do you think Barack will tell them how to bury themselves under a mountain of debt they will never get out from under? Or lecture them on their demographics and how they can import workers from third world countries to take care of their dwindling aged populations. I guess we do have to tear this down before we can rebuild it (the world economy to pave the way for the new world order).
Why are the protesters out there fussing and moaning when their guy is going to order the whole world his (their) way? Now Barack has given the Queen an I pod? Oh boy!?! I wonder just how long we can suffer this renewed and improved world image we have bought. It's scary stuff when we are going to work deals with former KGB to disarm ourselves and how can we trust them to reciprocate? Ugh, we are barely into the Obama regime and the backpedaling and ground we will give up is astonishing. I fear for my childrens future, this course we are on is unsustainable and they are the ones who will have to pay. I know Obamas kids will be set up and not even have to think about how they will function in the brave new world their father is creating for US all.

I, me-me, Mine

Obama, at least in his narcissistic early stages here, is going to position himself as the catalyst and moving force behind all his grandiose schemes so when, not if, it fails we can vote him out in 3 3/4 years hence. I imagine he will begin to install some fall guys and scapegoats when it becomes obvious he is overreaching. Look for that before the year is out.

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