Saturday, March 07, 2009

Call This Leadership?

A lot of people took a chance on Obama last fall thinking things probably could not get much worse in our economy. Voters in the polls had overwhelmingly said they trusted the Democrats more to fix the economy and get US back on track. Well, we are getting the change promised, only its from bad to worse. We are getting a long term agenda crammed down our throats and the Democrat/Leftists are enacting bold moves to gather power out of the private sector and into "their"Government. They went nuts ceding power to Bush and the Republicans, but are now quite content to grow the behemoth into the intrusive, overarching monolith, their magnum opus. They have their figure head, an empty suit as it turns out to be, they have their field generals stationed in almost all positions of power. They have the useful idiots who will support them whatever they do, all they lack is the general populations willingness to tear down the whole system and start over again. Obama calls the stock market a tracking poll in which he cannot concern himself with the daily gyrations, the bobbing up and down, the long term big fix is what he is after. Unfortunately for millions of Americans, their retirement is tied up in Obamas daily tracking polls, which by the way are trending downward at a steady, unrelenting pace. Now if part of his plan is to detach Americans from their wealth so they need him to fix everything then Obama is doing a most wonderful job.
People everywhere are beginning to ask when the Obama administration will begin to take ownership of this economy. I know the real answer is if, and only if, things begin to improve. He does not have that luxury now, though, to keep playing this blame game. He rode in on his white horse to save US. He swore he knew what he was doing, he swore he would uphold and protect the Constitution. But let US never forget, the First Horseman of the Apocolypse also rides in on a white horse.

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