Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Ominous Spending Bill

Full of pig ears and pork marks, Obama does it again. This guy is slick. He campaigns one way and then oh so calmly lies to the American people, right to our faces. Well it would be to our faces but I get the feeling he is talking right past me, is he talking to my accountant?
The Democrats are spending our childrens future even as they are pushing to deny the future unborn a chance at life. How do we figure out this mess? Will we continue to import our growth to pay for this bold new world? Or will we fold up like the cheap suitcase that we are mortgaging ourselves into?

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gregcalac said...


Our economy has for years been based on growth. In the 1920's we moved from the "Era of Scarcity" to the "New Era".

The New Era also ushered in advertising. Up to that point Americans simply bought the things they needed, and nothing more. Once a surplus was produced, Americans had so many choices that advertisers were developed to get people to buy specific products.

Post WWII brought us to the era of consumption, and now our consumption is on the verge of consuming us!

When we were truly an exporting country we had the entire world as our customers, but no more is that the case.

Computer technology was our last gasp at recapturing world wide markets. But now the world has computer technology for themselves and they don't necessarily need American products. At least, they won't need our products in the near future as their kids return from our universities armed with that technology. Where do we go from here?

Unless another technology emerges from out of nowhere, what do Americans have to sell to the world that they can't produce for themselves?

We have a surplus of Mexicans in our state, maybe we can export a lot of them as cheap labor, sending them somewhere they can be properly appreciated and used.