Monday, March 16, 2009

World NewsWatch March 16 2009AD

Conservatives in Hollywood lost one of their few small voices in the wilderness, when Ron Silver passed away. May he rest in peace.

The future will bring us new innovation which will help the economy grow. But when machines start doing the jobs people will do, could there be more job loss? It is strange how things work, I think this is a moment for our Country to re-position itself toward the future and I applaud President Obama on that, but, if he cedes the vision and implementation to Nacy Pelosi and Harry Reid we will surely end up weaker, poorer, and more dependent on our new behemoth Government, as individuals and as a whole. Our nation is a collection of individuals who make US whole. I do not want to be part of a collective that includes drug addicts, perverts, pacifists, criminals, those who will not assimilate, and those who won't try to better themselves at the expense of others. Barack Obama is overreaching and I am watching him to see if he really cares about all of America or just the Democrat constituency portion of it.

It is as I feared, Obama is a politician who can only run for office, once there he hands off responsibility and runs for something else. I guess soon enough he will be running for President of the World : (
Electing a narcissistic megalomaniac will begin the unravelling of our great nation. How can his donors afford to keep digging into their pocketbooks for him? Are they cheating on their taxes? I guess it's the same concept as how the casinos are still doing alright, this economy isn't quite as dire as we are led to believe at this time, but hold on, some growth killing tax increases are on the way.
Let California show US the way you take a great thing and utterly destroy it with liberal socialist ideas, taxes, unsustainable growth in Government programs, and no clear vision of the future and how to get from here to there.

This will make Ted Turner proud, one of his own has become somebody. Obama can send a welcome party down there to celebrate the victory, and Venezuela and Cuba have a new ally. We really need no proof as to where most journalists stand, but I would guess this guy is just left of center of most journalists out there today. Now after they kill their respective papers they can figure a job in politics.

Hmm..... this is interesting. Didn't The Campaign make a big deal about John McCain saying the same thing? And as far as I can see we are much worse off now than we were back in the peak campaign season of lies, smears, promises, and hope-change song and dance. The perfect storm was created, weathered, used, and will eventually be slain, to bring US our saviour, one Barack Hussein Obama.
Here is another of Obamas misrepresentations where he is leaning toward a McCain position, that fence sure is getting rickety to keep on straddling.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves and give some of the Fixes a chance to work, then maybe we can start scrapping the intrusions before they become permanent fixtures. Oops too late!

I guess since we are winning or have now won we must appear "nice" or concilliatory or soft or something. This kind of symbolism makes me ill. Call them what they are, tell it like it is, and just don't be ashamed to defend all that we hold dear.

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