Thursday, November 05, 2009

As We awaken from Our Collective Stupor

The American people seem to have found their voices in the 11th hour as the Nation stood at the cliffs edge and saw only doom with one more step forward. The news media was so in love with the thought that Barack Obama was the one to save US they gave him credit for things he had never done. The media elite wore their optimism on their sleeves his ideas were only for our countries best interests, basically, they gave him a free pass. Overlooking all his associations with anti American, anti free market Capitalists, in fact, downright Marxist apologists. Overlooking who he was deferring to in the Democrat controlled House and Senate.
So intent was Obama to re make this country he sped forward with takeovers of industry after industry, promising goodies like free health care and a paternalistic federal Government that would surround US with a great big bear hug.
Well, had Obamas first concern been jobs and creating a favorable business climate, maybe he could have stealthily snuck in and stolen our liberties. But the audaciousness of his assumption that he had a mandate to lurch to the left has woken up the sleeping giant. This country has always been center-right with a hankering toward compassion for the underprivileged and the downtrodden. We just want the economy to work and many of US are happy to take care of our own Health Insurance decisions. All the government needs to provide is a catastrophic care backstop if a public option is the only way to assure nobody gets bankrupted by a major injury/illness. Maybe all the Government needs to do is enforce laws on the books like our borders and then be the bully who controls the out of control Lawyers with a dose of Tort reform?

All I know is all along I just wanted Obama and Co. to focus on the economy first. Apparently, many others also feel this way and sooner or later the dear leader will get the memo too. Heres more evidence the tone deaf in denial just won't get it, which works for me because they are sowing the seeds for their own downfall.

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