Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Care Debate?

With radicals and liberals now in charge of the US Federal Government the expansion of Government was inevitable. Those who spoke truth to power now acquiesce to it. Where fighting against a conspiracy to abscond with our liberty has now become a headlong rush give it to the Government. I cannot understand where the liberal consistency is in their thought(or lack thereof) process. Instead of coming up with solutions to our myriad problems in the Health Care delivery system in this country the Democrats and their supporters in this only seem able to demonize those who disagree with them. Threats and personal attacks take the place of well informed respectful dialogue.
I have many good ideas on how we can make things better in this "debate". The Republican Party has tried to put forth some ideas as well. We can have a two tier system with the uninsured joining medicare and medicaid, and maybe even pooling all the people who cannot afford group insurance company rates. The Republicans have put forth the idea of being able to purchase the insurance across state lines thereby increasing competition and lowering prices. What about health savings accounts where you get a better rate for using less services. How about a National catastrophic care option and everybody is responsible for everything else themselves? Do we use auto insurance for oil changes? I just think there are so may opportunities to fine tune a good system and scrapping it all to punish insurance companies will only destroy anything that is good. Doctors are threatening to quit the profession if the Government steps in with mandates on pay and where they work and other things counter productive to what they feel is their right to practice Medicine the way they see works best for themselves and their families. I am not one for arguing for health insurance companies, I don't like any insurance companies, but they do perform a service that many are quite happy with. I have a real problem with somebody making profit on the health of anyone else, too. Could the answer be forcing Health Insurance companies to become not for profit? Or creating a whole new not for profit side to that industry? Those questions are reserved for sharper minds than mine. I just know that unintended consequences always crop up when people try to change something that is so large and needed by almost everybody. I think fixing the economy is much more important for the President and Congress right now than tinkering with something that is useful and working well for a majority of American families.
How about Tort reform? Obama and his buddies Pelosi and Reid haven't even contemplated that yet, due to pressure from a main Democrat Party contributor, the Trial Lawyers of AMERICA. There are just too many sacred cows the Liberals are beholden too. So find some deep pockets and make them pay for everyone? Many in this country choose not to carry health insurance many choose othjer ways to spend their money, it is still a free country. If the Government must try and control Health care let them fix and run in a responsible way that health care system they are already entrusted to run. And I repeat and the CBO agrees Medicare and Medicaid will be bankrupt, and in the not too distant future. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!
The CBO estimates were put in place in 2007 and tell me what has made any of those programs better in the last 2 years? The recession? The hope and change that now infests the White House?
God help our great country.

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