Friday, October 09, 2009

Feed that Ego!

The company our President now finds himself in is indeed rarified and select. But not every peace prize winner is someone to look up to ... It seems as if the world events are egging Obama onward to the megolomania he is capable of attaining. I wonder if the Obama team is trying to go the whole 4 years of his Presidency without accomplishing anything concrete and constructive for our Nation? Things as simple as cutting taxes on businesses would jumpstart sputtering business, at least that is always how it happened in the past. But instead we will get nooses and anchors like huge new Government bureaucracies, energy taxes, and a lot of smoke and mirrors to arrange US in the order Obama sees fit.
The industrial war complex still has its power, yet the world is buttering up our President and putting him in a box. How can a "peacemaker" keep ramping up his nations war against existential enemies? He cannot if he expects to ever be the President of the "World", which seems to be the very title he seeks with every new speech and all the ways he is diminishing our Nation in front of the "World". I am starting to think of Obama as a little show pony that can be led around, indeed, one who is willing to be led around, with the cheers and adulation as his greatest reward. It scares me to no end that my family's, and our Country's, and maybe the entire free world, are all just pawns in a game of power and prestige to a narcissistic vainglorious puppet.

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