Sunday, October 11, 2009

The PreMature Exaltation

Our President has been in office for 9 months and received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was in the US Senate for little over half his first term before gaining the Presidency. Both of these accomplishments are usually gained after paying some dues, developing some worldly knowledge, and having a record that stands on its own. I am just astounded by the fawning and by the great expectations heaped upon a man with so little identifiable ability. Nowhere in Obamas known or hidden past is there any reason for anybody to think that he can live up to any of the grandiose pretension laid at his feet by people who want to believe and therefore suppress the very reality that is slapping their faces.
There are so many reasons to be embarrassed by our affirmative action President, and accepting the Nobel peace prize in advance of hoping and changing the world to peace is naive and smacks of another sellout.

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DWT said...

Just wait, the Emmy and the Oscars are next. DWT