Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Logical Progression

As the country twists and turns and can't get moving because of the mixed signals sent out by the Obama administration something remarkable may be happening. A leader and a doer is getting prepared to step up and make the tough decisions and clean up another mess left by politicians (of both parties) who advance careers before Country.
When I first heard of and saw Sara Palin I had hope for the conservative movement. She has the looks necessary to cut through the TV generation of image first. She has a true message of traditional Conservative Principle and a clear and direct delivery. She also has a track record of accomplishment.
I know the liberal establishment really fears her now, because they are trying to destroy her every day. Her book gets fact checked before it is even released! Rumors and lies have been spread about her from the time of the announcement of her as McCains running mate. She has been attacked by Letterman and Saturday night live, it's really unbelievable the assault she has been able to withstand. When she stepped down from her Governorship I thought it was a huge mistake, but now I see that she was a sitting target there and if she was to do her job properly she couldn't tackle the bigger issues. I am now understanding it was a brilliant move looking to the future. Our country will need someone like her in 2012 desperately. Even if she does not run for President she will be able to rally the Conservative base and call attention to the real issues that our Nation faces.
The news media has totally underestimated who the independents are as a group. With a majority of the country saying they are center right and the Democrat party holding the registered voter advantage over the Republicans it is not too hard to figure out who the independents are. I am one myself. I quit the Republican party way back in 2002. It was a protest then against our open borders, but I made the mistake of joining the Libertarians. In 2006 I registered as an Independent and have been there ever since, I am a conservative American first. The Independents are out here waiting to hear real conservatives speak up, and that is where the Republican Party and their Rinos are losing. I know in the next election the Independents will swing to the Conservatives, we have seen what the Democrats always do. They fake to the right, usually toward the center and then move hard left after election. The perfect political storm brought US one Barack Hussein Obama.
He has proven his mettle and it is found lacking. All he can do is talk a good game, if you consider reading speeches written by his handlers good. He has not been able to accomplish anything, except to demoralize and destroy the shreds of the economy he had to work with. Obama constantly whines about the economy he inherited as if he had nothing to do with the transition and the voting in the Senate that he did for the prior two years. Exposed as a typical politician who will say anything to get elected the bloom is off the Obama rose now. His numbers will continue to fall because he is doing nothing to make the economy think it has a chance to revive itself. He knows nothing of Economics and has never done a physical job in his life, so he is out of touch with so much of what made this country great. Basically he is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic right now. If the media had fact checked and looked into Obamas qualifications to be President we would be talking about Hillary Clinton as President right now and what she has done right or wrong to make things better. I would at least have a little more faith in Hillary not to destroy the country out of her own vanity. Bill proved pragmatic when the chips were down and I think Hillary would, too.
I think the 2010 elections will give Obama a chance to refocus himself and maybe save a shred of his Presidency. But the fawning press feeding his overinflated ego will be such a deterrent to a return to reality, I don't have much hope. Change by then will only be for the better. I am not sure there is another rabbit in the hat of BO, he is at a place where campaigning and wishful thinking no longer can move the ball forward, action is demanded and required. Unfortunately for US Barack Obama is a political coward who is so afraid of making a mistake he cannot make a decision and that is the biggest mistake of all. Leadership is on the stage and we have a poseur.
The Lord works in mysterious ways and these hard lessons our country is learning will make US stronger if they don't destroy US first.

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