Saturday, February 09, 2008

Barack's Folderol of Foofaraw

I wonder and am amazed at the credit Barack Obama is getting as a possible Presidential candidate when he cannot say anything of substance. The flowery rhetoric sounds beautiful on the surface but it's veneer is a millimicron deep. He wants to give give give away the farm. Retreat retreat retreat from our enemies, and create a utopian society right here on this earth.

I am sure it will be green for the environment, red for the communism, and white for surrender. Let me think... who has flags that are those colors????
Friends? Foes?

The media will push for Barack because they have the same goals. To Unite the world under one system , secular humanist and worshipping the creation not the creator. The Bible speaks of a man who will unite the world, but beware of the power he is given. It seems to me like that man would rise like Barack is rising. With an almost religious fervor and no one knows what he is capable of until it's too late. I am not saying Barack is that man but the way people are jumping on his bandwagon so quickly and heedless to what he really says-lets me know we are ripe to be picked when that Man (or Woman?) appears on the scene. All I'm saying is beware, and lets ask questions and get honest, truthful answers.

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