Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hang On

The populists are ashamed of their country unless they are elected it's King, Queen and Saviour. And as the Liberals have effectively gutted our once formidable persona, this world will not become less dangerous just because we avoid the fight. Our enemies watch and wait, "How long has America been teetering on this precipice?" I would guess my whole life, and JFK was my first President.

We reel from crisis to crisis as media elites laugh at our neurosis. They have our prozac, but could decide to withhold it if we stay a racist nation unable to elect a man of colour to the highest office in the land. Even as a woman is obviously the Liberal Medias second choice. Of course, the conservative nominee will get both barrels in the endgame.
It is funny to me to see Hillary Clinton scorn the media for expecting a truthful, thoughtful, reasonable solution to any of these crises. The same media that aided and abetted Her first stint to the White House. I would love to see Barack Obama step up to the podium and give clear truthful answers to these queries, but alas, He cannot. For that would require making a stand on an issue, not offering vacuous platitude.
McCain seems to want to keep the Liberal opponent viable for as long as possible, perhaps to win conservative support with a position that is not exactly in line with the Democrat Party. Obama says Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq until Bush and McCain started their war there. Well Saddam Hussein was defying the vaunted U.N. and had numerous chances to disarm or disclose. He did not, and the rest is History. Now Al Qaeda is there, inside a shooting gallery and we are wiping them out! We couldn't really find them before, and I doubt the policies of a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama would have been able to flush out and kill so many terrorists. But what the heck, their civil liberties have been violated, anyway. What is a terrorist to live for? Think we can bring them to the table and talk them through this Jihad phase they are going through? Barack must. Or why would that be the main plank of His National Defense platform?

Our Country has problems on almost every front, problems that need solutions. Not just acknowledging that an actual problem exists, with a hope and a prayer to fix them. Ideas fix problems. Is Barack afraid someone might steal one of his ideas? A great idea that could only benefit the country, and isn't that why He is running? If he had such brilliant new ideas and they worked, even for another President, wouldn't that help Him in the end? I'm sure he would eventually get elected President, He himself stated just 3 1/2 years ago that He was not ready for National office. What do you suppose changed? Our countries needs? His political savvy? Something changed.

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