Wednesday, February 06, 2008

But, What Does it Mean?

Super Tuesday faded into Watch out Wednesday with ominous portentions for America. We had a horserace. Hillary is fading fast,and Mitt is all but out. Huckabee is working with McCain now, so he must be promised a prominent position. Barack Obama will get handled by the media with kid gloves, and the old war horse John McCain will get treated with respect until he has to run against a Democrat by his newfound friends inthe mainstream media.
So it will be Barack against McCain. Unless Mr. Obama stumbles or the Clinton Machine in desperation begins to dish the dirt. I am utterly amazed that Obama has been allowed to proceed so far without any serious analysis of his hollow qualifications. Oh he is a great communicator, is that the price we pay for Bush and his inability to wax eloquent. Oh he is handsome! The photo ops will all smile upon him. Oh He is black, heres Americas chance to show the world we are not racists. Barack has a dream, but unfortunately we live in the real world. Just because he wants to make everything equal and fair, safe and pretty, and fun, and give America a group hug, doesnt have a snowballs chance in Hades of happening when we still have to move forward economically and militarily. Maybe Barack's smile will win over the jihadists, or letting them have their little victory in Iraq. That was Bush's war anyway, right? Im sure he has some platitudes for China, Iran and Russia. Way down south he will probably be able to make nice with Hugo Chavez because their politics are not so different. Yes Barack, we can change... When Jimmy Carter was President we had out of control inflation and 20% interest rates unemployment was around 9%, is that what we want? Be aware of changing for changes sake, it could get worse. But how can Barack sell himself as the agent of change unless he tells everybody it can get no worse. Ive got news for The Democrats running on change...There will be change Bush will be out and a new President is coming in. That is change. Of course Bill Clinton back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. would not really be change except he would have a little more time to dally with the interns.
And the Republicans need to put the pieces of their party back together. I'm not sure the ham-handed John McCain is the one to do it. But if the party has spoken and he is the most conservative man running, I will vote for McCain. Regrettably so because McCain has taken a different path in his quest for a bi-partisan answer. It always means conservatives giving up principles and moving toward the liberals. But I know McCain is right about the Islamic threat and he would give US better judges than Barack or Hillary. Oh there is so little to hang our hats upon. May the coming days of the campaign bring unity and clarity to all Americans about who these people are that would like to lead our Country.
May the Lord have mercy on our Nation.

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