Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Will Hope for Substance

The Barack star phenomenon known as Obamamania has intrigued, frightened, and unsettled me. I gues it is part of "the Politicians" strategy to remain vague and positive and uncommitted for as long as possible. That modus operandi will keep Him from offending anyone for as long as possible. The very fact that He has risen this far in His political carreer without taking very many stands is as amazing a feat as what He is doing right now. I am thankful to Barack if He can rid our Country of the Clintons. That alone is worthy of kissing His ring. But seeing people act so emotional and irrational is very scary to me. A true test will await Barack because time and a Conservative Party will test Him and demand some solid proof that He is up to the job that he is applying for. In all this adulation and fawning it seems that people are forgetting He will have real work to do. He is not our mascot, Pastor, therapist, or coach. There is a real World out there that every day is spinning a little more out of control. Right now we can look to Barack for moral support, but when He has to face down world leaders who will not just love him because he is the Un-Bush I would be comforted to know how strong He is. I do not see that strength right now, all I see is someone who is going to encourage our country to take a break from the world.
Withdrawing now is not an option, Iran is on the brink of obtaining Nuclear Weapons, our Ally Israel is being threatened from all sides, China is arming, the Global Economy is sputtering, and the World is looking for Leaders. The pieces are in place and we are in a calm before the storm.
Barack may be given the opportunity to do big things, But I for one want to know who He really is.

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Anonymous said...

Who is he?

A junkie - a needle freak. A self admitted wantabee, a nothing with a gibb line or two to use on those who toil for their bread and hope for tommorrow - always those who deserve better than they get out of life.

A fraud and lier begat by two losers who crawled together and parted, so what you say?

'Change we can believe in' he says, I say not for me, not now, nor as long as God keeps me. Who but a fool follows a history like his, and believe me, his handlers can spin him around and he will be what he was/is.