Sunday, February 24, 2008

World Newswatch Sunday February 24 2008 A.D.

I have to apologize for my cynicism here because I have a feeling I.m going to roll....

Mahmoud Ahmadinajhad wants the U.S. to apologize for accusing Him of trying to develope Nuclear weaponry. I sense He may be reaching out for who he hopes will be next President of the United States. Barack Obama said He will sit down and talk to Mahmoud and the Mulla Fullahs, I suppose a sincere apology would be a great way to get the dialogue flowing.

But before Barack can get elected He will have to see his base eroded by another attempt by Ralph Nader and the Greener than greenie Weenies to co-opt our country.

Cuban Lawmakers feel free to name a new President or Dictator or whatever they wiil call Fidel's brother Raul.

It's official America, lets try a recession. All the storylines point that way. Everybody but the employers and the people really living their lives seem to be buying into that rhetoric, angling for Bush's recession to cap his incompetent Presidency. I wonder if that is what it would take to get Barack elected. Usually it has to be something like a recession to get the country to dive headlong into the change aisle. So there you have it, Barack's road is being paved by his adoring group of reporters, who may also have fallen under His spell. We will see, so far there has been more critical analysis of Hillary Clinton than Obama, with McCain becoming the next microscope specimen.

{Notes to Oneself}
Heres a must read, Jonah Goldbergs Liberal Fascism

Here's another, The Nuclear Jihadist is by Douglas Franz and Catherine Collins. Both these books shed a great deal of light on the world in which we a heading toward and pose a question to me, Could we really afford to have a guy like Barack Obama as our President in times like these?
In a word, no. But thats just my opinion and while I have done a lot of thinking about the course our world is taking, I am sure everybody on Barack's bandwagon has been equally engaged in the world affairs, also. I'm sure they are using realist lines of reasoning and taking into account human nature when they come to their conclusion on Barack Obama. I'm sure they are thinking reality not about a world they wished they lived in.

The Climate I would like to see change is my climate of not fearing anything until thats all I can do. The pro-active solution effectuates reaction in which hesitation is required to analyze the situation before a principle is able todiagnose and properly respond. The re-active

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