Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fare Thee Well

O stalwart adversary to the higher calling of conservatism over the easy road of the great giveaway.
Just think if Kennedy had the health care he advocated for US all, he would have never lived long enough to try and circumvent his own political gamesmanship on his replacement. What a great country we live in, it will outlast all these politicians that want to be our Lords and even control US from beyond the grave.
I wonder if the liberals would give condolences if a high ranking conservative went on to his/her reward? It seems so unlikely, but I still have hope for the decency we can all exhibit toward one another as we realize we all are just temporarily here and then we move on and our efforts will be appreciated for the honesty and integrity they were initiated.

RIP Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D. Mass.)

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