Thursday, August 06, 2009

An Ugly End, and the Beginning of Some other End

In the end, its still the end. The man who shot up a Pittsburgh fitness club had tragedy written all over himself, he had a lonely, isolated existence and it seems he never really tried to break out of the rut. He must have fed his misery and wore his hate like a badge in some demented club. I hear there is someone for everyone and I wonder how George Sodini missed every chance the Good Lord gave him to find and have a loving relationship with another human being. Was he always just distracted by sinful behaviours? or was he just being tested and ultimately always found lacking? It seems the drastic end he chose was a million times more sad and tragic than his lonely existence.

The Obama Administration is asking American citizens to rat on each other if they see misinformation on Barry's health care overhaul/takeover. But what if all the misinformation is actually coming from the administration? Obama is promising we can keep our plans if we like them, but doesn't explain how that can happen if the insurance company is out of business or the employer/payer decides they would rather have the Government take on that cost. And we all know everything the Government has taken on has only gotten more complicated, convoluted and controlled, to the detriment of freedom. I don't even have health insurance anymore yet I see this as having so many unintended consequences that can ruin the best system in the world for innovation, results and satisfaction. What we need is insurance reform or Government covering just the uninsured, denying everything but emergency care to illegal immigrants and reigning in the lawsuits that are leeching off the system as it is now configured by lawyers for lawyers. I would rather have something affordable I can pay as I go in with, with a backstop of catastrophic care for everybody so no one goes bankrupt just trying to stay alive. Seems so simple the dolts that want to rule US in every aspect will just never get to that one angle that may get a consensus of approval all around this country.

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