Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not...

President Obama says the recession maybe nearing the end. But then again, theres still the Health Care overhaul, and Cap and Tax, either one of those two proposals could kill a recovery in its tracks. So the Democrats and the Administration have options as to how they will squeeze the most leftward tilt out of this crisis. If the jobs and the economy were the most important things to Obama he would have shelved all his grandiose visions for a New America and a New World until he figured the economy was stabilized . But his agenda takes him further, it takes him into the destruction of the private sector and the ruination of free market capitalism. Obama promised during the campaign he could bring new jobs, more jobs, lots of jobs, but all we have right now is him taking credit for an economy that is losing jobs at half the rate when he took office. Maybe its a little better than it was, but it is the lack of confidence in Obama and Democrats to do the right things economically that has the corporations of America downsizing as they figure it will be a while until they are revisited by a business friendly administration. Obama keeps saying he will take responsibility for this mess he inherited, but he inherited it from a Democrat controlled House and Senate and a lame duck in Bush. And he was one of the majority Senators! And he has spent a trillion dollars more of borrowed money!
Obama wants to control all things, in his mind to make things better, because he knows more than we do what is better for US. Unfortunately for him the economy is too diverse and the people who he most wants to clamp down on are able to run and hide. His easy targets are the impoverished and the lower middle class. Those groups are most dependent on the status quo. The least able to switch tracks and try a new approach that shields themselves from his confiscatory policies. Nothing will work for Obama until he tries a straight reduction in taxes, as seen by the cash for clunkers program, a break or cut in price will jumpstart markets. Too bad that is not what Obama is really after.

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