Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beware of What You Say

I guess I should extend sympathies when I see someone trying to do the right thing, but still stepping in it. It is so difficult to even bring up the subject of weight and children anymore without offending someone's sensitivities or inviting disorder. Michelle Obama should really know better than to use her own children as an example, didn't the school grade fiasco teach the Obamas how its impossible to draw attention to the first kids without risking embarrassment to the children or to themselves? It is not wise at all to mention a young girls weight, even with the best intentions and full knowledge that there is no problem there.

Sensitivities are so thin and the pressure in this world is so tough, a complex is just waiting to be hatched even from the most benign of comments. I believe stressing the ability to create the bodies we want if we are willing to work hard for it is the key to mental peace. And eating right should be the goal of every person, no matter what state of physical condition they are in at the moment. And we need to teach the children everything is easier to control when they are small, but it can become impossible if nothing is done when we have our chance.

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