Sunday, June 07, 2009

We Go Left as the World Turns Right?

Revisionists beware, you better start working double time. World events are distorting the narrative that the US was out of touch during the Bush years and needs to be restored into the world community now. Not to worry that we have hired the greatest community organizer of all time, at least since Jesus walked the Earth. Even as more countries move right we are sagging to the left, and I suppose we have to go a certain distance before we see that it is the wrong way and turn around, again!
Sometimes we lead and sometimes we follow, right now we are way behind and not learning lessons that countries who tried and failed socialism are correcting and moving toward freedom. No one ideology has a lock on moral superiority, righties and lefties have proven all humans are fallible. We just expct the media to be unbiased in their reporting so honest assessments can be weighed and all things taken into account. We will know what is right by the fruit it bears and now we see all the ways we have strayed. But shading truths and hidden agendas muddy the waters until no one can see a thing.
The greatest con ever put on our country has given US a President who wasnt even truly fit for the Senate. But here we are, a couple years away from another election, more distortions, more misdirection and ultimately, a lot more media manipulation. Every voter had better take their responsibilities in 2010 and 2012 as seriously as the heart attack that this country is headed toward. Open your eyes and see what happens in the real world, this is not an academic exercize, peoples lives are at stakeour countries future is in doubt and the world is changing, but it is not going left.

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