Friday, June 26, 2009

So Much on His Plate

President Obama is nothing if he is not ambitious. Yet how is he accomplishing his directives?There is absolute distortion of facts, there is strong arming, there is no hesitating to delegate to congresssional hacks, really there is nothing short of the south side tactics we were warned would accompany the front man wearing the empty suit.

He is spending everyone elses money like it never has to be paid back, making decisions on all our futures in regard to our health care system, telling US how the climate will be changing the way he thinks it will change. He is starting to turn the economy into a top down controlled AMC Gremlin, which is where the Government Motor Corporation is heading, too. He is almost assuming the role of the Lord messiah that he is not even really discouraging as some of his sycophant press adulattes infer. He apologizes for our past while not 'meddling', when he can encourage freedom seekers in a war torn region to not accept their tyrannical dictators chicanery. Threats are cropping up and it is the devious that Obama is courting as he lets our allies wait on his call. And waiting he will do to see which sides win and then he will figure out whom to support.

How long, and which one of these rogues will be the one Lord Obama stumbles upon as predicted by Smokin' Joe Biden? North Korea, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Somalia, the Palestinian Statehood, or Pakistan? I know a little on reading tea leaves and reading world events, and it seems all of Mr. Obamas pots will be boiling at the same time. I know there is a tremendous difficulty going from juggling 3 balls to 4, I wonder how many problems a brand new President can hope to humor before they all crash to the ground? We are not even into 6 months of this nihilistic new brand of Leftward Politics and already cracks are forming around Obamas feet.

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