Saturday, June 20, 2009

American Idolatry

I Think President Obama has a vision for American Foreign Policy that is vastly different than anything anybody envisioned when they were sold O's hope and change campaign rhetoric. We were told that this new President has the twin gifts of Empathy and Universal vision, to go along with the rhetorical skills that surpass any and all of his former Presidents. He would single handedly make the world love US more. Well, opportunity is knocking and Obama is, at best, underwhelming.
Parts of Europe and India have thrown off the chains of socialism and are willing to give more freedom another chance. Israel and America have both become states that are intent on apologizing for how they fought for and maintain their survival. Iran has a huge portion of their population that has watched Iraq 's metamorphosis and wants freedom too. Pakistan and Afghanistan would certainly acknowledge and possibly follow if the status quo werent all that Obama will stand for. Lebanon has made themselves clear which way they would like to go. Obama seems to be more interested in getting along with regimes that are totalitarian and despotic than trying to lead with a clear vision and take a chance or two. I guess his political capital will be best spent trying to undo and redo America in his own image. Obama has surveyed situation after situation and decided not to "meddle". As if offering the people who will fight and die for freedom a bit of encouragement and 'hope' is somehow overstepping the original charter of these United States of America. North Korea and China will be watching everything Obama does with Iran and re calculate their next moves. In this multi-dimensional real world chess match, which has only just begun, it seems President Obama is playing for a draw. He can still vote present it seems.
Plenty of people here in America have fallen under a spell in which they no longer assess the Presidnts motives with any discrimination. Where for 8 long years there was a constant drumbeat of skepticism and suspicion, we now have journalists thrilled by the President and thinking he is like God. A steady supply of subversive behaviour has turned into a blind eye and the relinquishing of concern that a person at the top may not have all Americans best interests at heart. I myself was a supporter of former President Bush, yet I was able to find plenty of fault and concern with quite a few of his policies. From the border, to spending, to some questionable appointments, I was hardly unanimously in agreement with President George W. Bush. Now Obamas people and the National press are letting Obama do whatever he wants, without the slightest hint of where they will draw the line. And all the while Obama has yet to let even his most ardent supporters know who he really is. So there will be an inevitable lag when push comes to shove and the real Barack Hussein Obama is unmasked. The power grab will continue until some of the kool aid drinkers are awakened to the loss of something even they hold dear, freedom.

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