Saturday, December 02, 2006

Attributions: Thought Police.

Liberals vs. Conservatives. Maybe this time [you can insert any instance] we need to accept a possible opposite motive for someones deeds toward ourselves. Whenever an individual {(myself included) or nations, teams , parties, religions, or whatever idiom you would like to insert} arbitrarily assigns a motive to another persons* perceived actual motivation on any particular incident there is a possibility of being up to 180 degrees dead wrong. Linearly speaking. . . So if we just relax and give one another an ounce of credibility, maybe we can see their side of the story, their angle. Maybe they do mean well for us, but our suspicions won't allow us to accept it in the spirit it was given.

Then what? The whole world wants to live in peace and harmony, right? But what kind of peace? Peace brought on by Sharia Law? Or mushrooms? Christianity? The home team winning? It has got to be peace by the divine purpose being fulfilled. Not materialistic, but spiritual, eternal, and complete.

Remember to assume makes an ass out of you and me.

*any situation is applicable.

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