Sunday, December 24, 2006

World Newswatch December 24, 2006

The practicioners of the "Religion of Peace" are at it again...
The U.N. sanctions Iran on uranium enriching, but will they have time to follow through with all their Big Plans?
It's a tug of war at the U.N. Iran doesnt like it and neither do we.
The bird flu is in Nigeria and Egypt, see a pattern?
Castro is on his last legs, so maybe the dominoes can start to fall the other way in South America. At least his boy Hugo got him that big win.
Bono gets knighthood, chivalry is still alive.?. God save the Queen.
Arnold breaks a leg on his battle chassis.
Want to vote for Obama to think about a possible run for the white house? Come on.!. And what about Hillary? Isn't it a bit early for this?
The English Channel tunnel is a high threat to be attacked this Christmas.
The Niners' are hanging by a thread, good luck guys!
Yao jacks up his knee and we had tickets to see HIM.

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