Friday, December 15, 2006

In The Name Of ... What The ?

This practice around the world of abasing your womenfolk is as reprehensible and unfathomable as a sane human being can try to comprehend. In India, China, Africa, and all the cesspools of the Middle East the practice of downtrodding or eliminating the fairer sex is worthy of the most strident condemnation sane God fearing people of the world can muster. I guess seeing what those attitudes bring upon their respective cultures is all the evidence we need as to the folly of this rationale.

At the root of this phenomena must be the misogynistic tendency toward domination. Oedipalism equals the powerlessness the tribal lifeline offers in groupthink mentality. But the routine of elevating maleness throws the delicate balance off it's centrifugal center. Only the most aggressive males can benefit from a system that inevitably shrinks the female population down to subserviant and second-class status. Infanticide and abortion are tools that weed out those deemed less worthy. But can't the overall populace feel how constricting it must be to lose half of your actual community? But really lose so much more than that. Like collective conscience, we all know that the female nature is more nurturing and could I say, reasonable? And also motivating, the old saying "behind every good man, there's a good woman", still carries the day, in my mind. In retrospect can't all of the problems in the middle-east be traced back to the way they treat their women? I truly think so.

Open lines of communication with those who know God loves us all, or talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy of frustration.

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