Thursday, December 14, 2006

Setting The Stage

Life comes at us, fast, sometimes too fast. Yesterday some kid was speeding onto the freeway and tried to pass someone on the onramp. He misjudged and spun out across lanes and into oncoming traffic. Now he's dead, and his family must be grieving. There's a trucker out there who saw it all happen right in front of his eyes and now he has to live with the thought that he squashed some kid.

Whatever made that kid think he had to make a dangerous move like that now seems so trivial and inconsequential. Was he late to school or to work? Or was he just one of these jackasses you see on the road every day making boneheaded moves while speeding around, a danger to all those around them. Motor cyclists do the same thing , I see it every day, and when I hear about a tragic wreck I always hope it is the little(or big) @ssholes making stupid moves that are the ones that go down.

Anyone can make a mistake, though, and it is always unfortunate when someone young and inexperienced doesn't get a second chance. Some peoples karma is so instantaneous they pay right away. And then there are some people who always seem to get away with transgressions, flouting the law and other people's feelings. Someday we must all pay, there will be a reckoning. Do we get a reward? Or do we get a bill? And can we afford the cost if we do get a bill?

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