Friday, December 29, 2006

Former President Gerald Ford

Former President Ford has waited until he is in the beyond beyond to criticize the Iraq War effort and current President Bush. We know this because now it's a leading tidbit of information the newsmedia hounds are all salivating over. This disposition alone will probably put him on the liberal media's top presidents of all times list. I have to wonder how a great bi-partisan uniter of our country in one of it's darkest hours felt about another former president who was dawdling with interns and staining the oval office with bodily fluids while a threat was building that will take lifetimes to eliminate?

Of course whatever President Ford felt about former President's Carter and Clinton will never see the light of day on any National news programs. Not that that really matters much anyway. In some of President Fords interviews recently replayed he stated that His Presidency still cannot be completely evaluated because events are still taking place, and only historians with the proper perspective of time can truly judge just how effective his administration actually was. That should be a sobering reminder in and of itself to US all. The myriad ways our national interests can be threatened at any one time cannot be quantified on a day by day analysis.

Enter Bob Woodward, has he been out of the limelight too long? Maybe he feels like he's fading when Matt Lauer's bright lights aren't warming his cold flesh for a couple weeks. Maybe the vindication alone will provide enough energy to write another best-seller. At least he could have waited until President Ford was buried to dig up some dirt and spin the death of a president into another reason we should all hate President Bush. As expected as the hit pieces are, it still amazes me how low some will go to advance themselves and their agenda.

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