Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7,1941 A day not so long ago.

A day of infamy, and a wake up call to America. September 11,2001 much the same. Today will be the last gathering together of all the survivors of Pearl Harbor. This great generation is passing away. In reading about the reunion a few things struck me, the allusiveness of these defining moments, and just how history can repeat itself.
In 1938 the survivors of the civil war had their final reunion. They met at Gettysburg and shook hands, remembering fallen friends and relatives, heroes and villains. A few short years later America was drawn into a global conflict we had to win. That generation passed quietly into the night,like all those before them, and all that will follow. They fought to preserve what they thought was good and right. Fortunately the side that was right won. Maybe that war was not as important in the grand scheme of things, maybe it was. Our nation stayed whole and has been a force for good in the world ever since.
Today the members of the 'greatest generation' will gather together officially for the last time. And out there on the horizon is another global conflict about to erupt. I hope and pray America will stand strong once again and make history proud of US. We can and will be victorious if we stay united and focus on the goal of continuing to be a guiding light in the world for freedom and service to our fellow man. Tirelessly trying to make the world a better place. The greatest legacy anyone can leave is to leave the world a better place than when you got there. We can do this.

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