Friday, November 17, 2006

`Bite the Hand that Feeds

I have noticed that now that their agenda has commenced the Democrats and their minions in the mainstream media have changed their tone ever so subtley. No longer is President Bush the big dunderhead who can do no good. No, now they know that he can help them along, because in reality, Bush has always been a little left of center on many issues, like immigration, spending, trade, and education. The whole 'hate Bush' thing was really just a wedge. It was always 'hate conservatives' with the President at the tip of the iceberg. The Democrats and the MSM have achieved their first goal, and that was to regain the House of Representatives and the Senate. They think now with a lock on the MSM, and the two houses of congress they can move on and get a president elected also. There is actually a good chance that will happen, but just maybe they have overreached and tipped their hand. Iraq will not just let the Democrats play them the way we here in America get played by the Democrat Media Complex. The terrorists and Baathists and Iranians have used the Democrat smear machine to get the conservatives out of power. But they still hate America, and as ridiculous as it may seem sometimes, the Democrats are still Americans, in name only,,,,,,,, I might add. For anyone who would throw a war just to regain their lost power is not a true American in my book.

I can picture the terrorists maintaining the bloodshed for the next two months and then when the Democrats take over in January laying low so the whole world will think that it is a Democrat team that has stifled the violence. With all the media praise lavished upon the Democrats for this great idealogical victory it will be hard to stop a liberal politician from getting to the White House in '08. What must the Liberals around the world think about terrorists and Dictators endorsing them and their ideas? If my stratagems were being so eagerly consumed by my enemies, it would have to make me stop and think, why?. When it seems like the right thing to do, but those who want to see me dead agree with me about it, what is wrong with this picture?

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