Saturday, November 25, 2006

World Newswatch November 25 2006

The New Congress is looking into enacting the 9/11 Commissions recomendations, at least the easy ones, and the ones that will probably harm our economy. And probably not the sensible ones.

Wallmart sales are down, so the liberals must be a little happier, right? I don't like Wallmart either, but if they are not doing well it doesn't help me at all.

The Sunni's and the Shi'ites continue to put their stamp on the 'Religion of Peace'.

China and Pakistan are aligning themselves.

H5N1 virus is re-surfacing, in South Korea.

Russian Spy death is big news... Come on- 1 guy dead in Russia is a Mystery?

Rwanda cuts ties with France. Well they tried but Rwanda does have a little problem, you guessed it, Islam.

Folic Acid cuts Heart Disease/Stroke risk. Is there any in Red Wine?

The Pope in Turkey. Right after Thanksgiving, too. I hope he stands strong, he was right, after all.

Hamas offers peace talks for 6 months. So they can suit up their Grannies.

Be safe on the roadways.

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