Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After. The big election is over, give credit to the Democrats, they were able to run without giving the people any idea of where they stand or where they want to take this country. All they had to sell the people was that they were not Republicans. That apparently was enough for enough people to put them over the top. It's not enough for me. I care deeply about our country and an angry mob with sticks and rocks does not a consesus make. The Republicans deserved to be beaten, but as far as I am concerned the Democrats did not deserve to win. I guess thats what we get ina two party system. When one side stumbles the other side picks up the spoils by default. The pendulum has swung back in the direction of change, change from what? And change toward what? The American people I am convinced are very impatient. There are times to jettison an idea or a direction and times to be steadfast. I wonder which time we are in right now. Apparently a lot of Americans don't like the war, I wonder if they will like attacks on our homeland more or less. Maybe we can only mobilize immediately following an attack and then only for a short time. I know the leftists would have thought had we just bagged Bin-Laden the war on terror would be over. Could they have been right?

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