Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are We Going To Get Porked!?!

The only bi-partisan action on this bill is the opposition to it. Our Government is in the process of selling our future to Democrat Party donors and supporters. In the name of stimulus the giveaway reads like a liberal fantasy and economic hayseed wishlist. The only good thing about this is that lines have been drawn on where our politicians will take a stand. There are a few Democrats who chose sanity and reason over the desire to be seen doing anything even if it's wrong. President Obama is rushing to get the package through, and he wanted bi-partisanship, instead, he and the Democrats have to take full ownership of the monstrosity. The Senate gets to step up and prove themselves fiscally sane and we will see if there is any common sense left. If all these measures are so critically important to rush into law, then why would everybody take weekends and Martin Luther King Jr. day off? The same goes for the state of California, another petrie dish of liberal ideology destroying all it touches, like caustic acid. We here in California should be held up as what happens when the liberals run the show for extended periods. Don't give me anything about our Governator, a Democrat in Republican attire. We are completely governed by liberals with only a handful of conservatives and what do we have to show? Staggering, massive, crushing debt. The whole country usually follows Californias lead and I am sorry to say that, once again.

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