Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Jack or a Red Hot Poker In the Eye?

Witness the last few weeks of Politics as Usual. Some observations that come to my mind are how much it is all like being at the casino.
Pit boss Pelosi has surveyed the floor and likes what she sees. The Marks are all lined up waiting to get in the game and take their chance at the Government's Progressive Jackpot. The House has the favorable odds right now, but will it pay if they lose their bet? The gambling is on the long odds that the little guys can never ante up to get their big payout. Its a long shot that any one can win... but if all the stooges win at the same time it will break the bank for sure.

As I walk through the rows of one armed bandits I see people betting 15 credits on a dollar machine, and 300$ disappears in less than 5 minutes, wow! Max bet on the 5c. machine will take you down fast, too. The safe way to play is the one line on the penny machine or the 2c. machine, but that is the slow spiral down to zero, I don't think one in a thousand win that way.

Over at the card tables the real gamblers know how to manage their money and have a better shot at taking something home. When all else fails the House will always use the race card if they feel their position is not strong enough to win. Win lose or draw it is all pre determined that the house has the upper hand and will always outlast even the most determined effort to pile up the chips. They have the computers, the closed circuit TV, the psychological profiles and the house bank as their stronghold. Advertisements run all day with only a passing mention of help for the addict. They are forcing US to double down to break even and in the end even that is a victory that is unattainable and less satisfying if won. Even when we lose they bring the hammer down

Over at the roulette table 0 and 00 can clear out any of those systems that cover the board. As crappy as the odds are
Keno is my favorite, it is slow paced and usually break even at best. Rolling the dice and inevitably its seven.

But all things considered, if you want to keep your own money the best bet is to stay away from Pelosi's Casino, gambling, or 'something(anything) for nothing'.


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