Saturday, March 06, 2010

Whither We go Yonder or; Wither, We going Under

Greece was an original Western Country in thought and in all political freedoms and enlightenments. It seems fitting to me that they would be the ones of the Western Democracies who must first pass back through the Rubicon.

So many countries are teetering at the abyss, one more nice economic meltdown and all hell breaks loose. California is lucky that Greece will lead the way so maybe the people here can see it and do something before we are right there, below the tide. It is comical that the safety net became the hammock for the Government workers and lazy citizens and now look at how they cry when they kill their own Golden Goose. It is happening right here in the once great state of California. The takers are complaining and pitching fits that more needs to be done, when it is all that largesse, bleeding heart compassion and overspending that has brought US to the brink of ruin. You can always find someone in dire straits, and if you make it policy to give a handout to every downtrodden, why, the number grows exponentially. There's a reason they say in Jellystone,"Don't feed the Bears". Throwing money at a problem seems to be the 'progressives' only course of action.

Government programs and more Government programs only beget more bureaucracy, red tape and bloated cumbersome hurdles for our economy. The answer is always raising taxes and spending more, especially if you want to destroy an economy, or just attempt to make a political party look bad. The Democrats tried that under Bush thinking with a little positive hype it could all be turned around on a dime for Obama, only now that one thin dime is all the change thats spared.

California came off a brilliant economic run of 10 years and the legislature never put a dime away for the end of the bull run. It was always spending more every year, always more. We fired a Governor because of out of control budgets and spending and he was replaced by a tough guy that caved in at the first bit of resistance. Government grew at a much faster rate than anything else during the roaring times from 2003 to 2007 except for the population of illegal immigrants flooding over our southern border and effectively invading our country.

In 2007 the federal Government had a budget that was only 170 billion$ deficit, I say only because now we may never see anything that good for 10 years or more, according to this administration. So why not just go back and adopt the 2007 budget straight out? Say sorry, there is no more money~ what programs were implemented between then and now that are indispensable? I would be happy to go back to my 2007 budget and make a go of things, I bet I could do it, easy.

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