Friday, March 23, 2012

Im in a Daze

Readin' the news giving me the blues

Watching my country fade away

Rick rollin' onward even endorsing Barry

Our Constitution gets misquoted or worse

Blatantly disregarded by Nancy and Harry

We all have religion, chapter and verse

Not electing Pastor, Pope, Rabbi or Father

I just want an adult responsible for what they say and do

Power hungry Politicians we wonder why bother?

Our world is spinning out of balance

Gas prices food prices regulations strangle freedom

Violence civility talk about ability

Educate the masses indoctrinate classes

Speak out shut up freak out what's up?

Occupy your mind austerity for our senses

Celebrities Tech gadgets Hunger Games PTSD

Welfare Healthcare Warfare Riskshare

We get what we deserve

I guess, we regress, I digress

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