Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Its so simple, now that I look at all the evidence. We are at the point of maximum vulnerability and most precariously perched. The Birther's have made claims that our President is not "Natural Born Citizen" by nature of his Fathers citizenship and the mystery of the location of the Birth and the veracity of the long form birth certificate that has been shown to the public. I have read the arguments and do believe where there is smoke there is fire. But I don't want to get sucked into a circular disagreement that has been so carefully crafted up all the way to the highest levels of media whitewashing and interGovernmental conspiracies.

What I now see is what I long feared. A career politician at the last stage of the game. All along there has been a need to hedge bets and couch words. Subtleties were spoken and promises were passed back and forth, some intended to be honored others just "talk, talk". The American people need to be able to trust their President above all else. Words have to mean things and deeds have to align with all the rhetoric.

There is a body of work out there that is Barack Hussein Obama which can be deciphered for any who are not afraid to really look. Past associations, past and present appointees, voting records, executive orders, his own books for crying out loud, and yes, all those speeches. Mind numbing speeches full of sarcasm and disdain for opposition, snark and condescension dripping in between the lines. Class division and income disparity fomentations are regular staples. The tone and sneer leaves me wondering how this man could ever expect me to believe that he is representing me and my beliefs as President of these United States.

And such is my fear that all roads lead to this one, that once Barack Obama gets re elected we see the real BHO. Not the restrained version seeking re election, but the man free to do as he pleases without the next election holding him back. We shall see if America really has a death wish or if we are playing chicken, and doing so with a sociopath would be folly, indeed.

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