Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ease of Lying Is Breathtaking to Behold

I watched Obama on Stephanopolous ABC's White House Pitch and Putt just lie with an ease that frankly, made me very uneasy. Either Obama takes US all to be the biggest idiots ever, or he is an even bigger idiot. He says he didn't know Acorn was getting a lot of federal funding, I knew that before this scandal broke out. Acorn was among the most influential players that got Obama elected, he has represented them as a Lawyer, of course he knows whats going on with them. Come on Mr. President, we are not just off the turnip truck here. What an insult to the average Americans intelligence this man is. He must be counting on his supporters being uninformed or gullible, or deaf and blind.
Obama also said during the campaign he would go through the Federal budget and personally remove the waste and redundancy, so now almost 1/4 of the way through his term he is just finding out what Acorn has been getting through his own budget and stimulus? Come on Mr. Obama, the typical star struck servant(Democrat voter) may believe you, but some are immune to your spells and see right through the lies, yes LIES! Joe Wilson was speaking truth to power, you know it and I know it.
Not a big issue huh? An organization that is using taxpayer money to elect Democrats is not a big issue? Of course not. An organization under investigation in multiple states? Well... , Already known to have fraudulently registered voters? Kicked off the census and now defunded by a Democrat led House and Senate? Not a big issue? Goodness, Obama must be going insane from Soros' Kool aid.
There is something terribly wrong with this man as our President, I am starting to wonder if the Democrats might martyr him themselves, blame conservatives and hope for a race war. This is bordering on insanity, where our country is going and how quickly we will get there. Something is definitely putrid and becoming more rotten with every passing day. It seems too implausible to wrap my brain around it right now.
I only watched that video after I read the synopsis of what Obama said, I knew it was tantamount to an infomercial for his Health care/ insurance take over. Seeing him lie with such natural indifference and casual, almost tacit adroitness was alarming and sobering. I have know people who were good liars and could even fool themselves, Obama could be one of the best, ever.

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