Tuesday, September 01, 2009

To Address My Child

On September the 8th 2009 The White House proposes to pipe the President into all the classrooms across this country. There is a curriculum attached and all this is under the guise of welcoming children back to school. How can this President be so arrogant as to think that he is welcome in every classroom by every child with as divisive an agenda and discourse as he has shown toward roughly half this Country's population?
There is a real fear of the way totalitarian dictators view the youth in their societies as captive adherents to a benevolent benefactor. Are we witnessing just such a megalomaniacal grab of our children right in front of our very faces? Hitler had his youth brigade, Kim Jung Il surrounds himself with children for credibility. Castro and Chavez work that angle, Red China knows where the future lies, it is the future of any country that needs to be enlisted and swayed to support such a takeover. The Educational system has already vaulted over the parental rights and now I fear Obama will try to swoop in and trick the children. As his poll numbers continue to plummet this President has unprecedented gall to go after our kids and undermine parental authority even further.
I think I will give my children the option of not going that day and if they do go I will have to debrief them when I see them that night. I am curious as to how Obama will tiptoe this fine line between Democracy and Totalitarianism. The Dear leader is after all the head of the Government, not the head of State.

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