Friday, September 18, 2009

Putin Thinks Obama is... "Brave"

Hmm, I wonder what that means in the real world of multi dimensional, chess master, power playing, tight rope walking, winner take all, free world gambling, international intrigue? Has Obama sold US down the river, yet? Israel?
All this for Iran? Once again foreign policy seems to defy logic in Obamaworld. Russia has now scrapped their plan to deploy short range missiles, who is at war here? Iran is supposedly three to five years away from a deployable missile system. It makes good sense to wait until the last minute to defend against that. And it only takes 33 minutes for an ICBM to get from there to here, I feel really safe with the Obama team in charge.
Human nature and other countries having divergent interests does not seem to register as counter to Our own interests in any equation Obama has figured for US yet. Our allies are on their own out there and I keep getting this awful feeling that we are being set up big time by the highest levels of our own Government. I cannot see the benefit to giving Russia a concession for nothing in return. I cannot see the blind trust in favoring those who have sworn to try to defeat US to the end. I am not that smart of a war historian or an international relations scholar, but I know something of human behaviour. A tyrant is always a tyrant and totalitarians pursue their own interests first, not for the good of the world, so why is Obama doing these things? Either he is brilliant and 10 moves ahead of me or he is a dunce about to be check mated. I can only pray for the former and wonder how we survive the next three years if the latter proves to be true?

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