Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just What WE Were Thinking

At work the other day, after another Obama speech, the Construction Worker analysis of O' bama's actions and mannerisms were summed up thusly: "He would rather be somewhere else, he is going through the motions and not mentally engaged in this". Many times I have noticed the shiftiness of President Obama and wondered where the passion was, where his allegiances were really set. I know I have never supported Obama and always had suspicions, so my opinion is void, but I keep hearing similar perceptions and I know we can't all be wrong in this way. Something is dreadfully wrong with what Obama is doing to our Country. He IS deconstructing it, to rebuild it in his own image, he is not trying to win in Afghanistan, he is not trying to create jobs, he is trying to consolidate power to the Federal Government and he is trying to redistribute the wealth, aka socialize our nation.
Fortunately people are waking up, and I guess conservative views have to be overwhelming to get equal representation in the media accounts of what is really happening. I pray that the good wins out and freedom can be held onto as we fight back this soft tyranny. No crisis is worth losing our country over.

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